OR Tambo International Airport Case Study

OR Tambo International Airport Case Study

Airports Company requested proposals for LED lighting in certain sections of OR Tambo airport to reduce power usage and maintenance costs. Areas chosen were areas that had existing fluorescent 4x36W T8 tubes and 2x26W compact fluorescent downlighters. Being an international airport lux levels had to meet strict requirements as well as longevity being a 24-hour operation. The existing fluorescent and CFL fittings were replaced with LED panels and downlighters. Samples were provided and the LED 85W and 40W panels were chosen in selected areas. For existing downlighters the 16W LED Optivalu downlighters were approved based on light outputs and warranties provided. Colour temperatures of 4000K were used to standardise with existing fixtures.

Annual Savings: 275,752kWh

Savings (1 Year): R330,902

LUX % Increase: 42%

Payback Period: 8 Months