Horticulture Lighting

Specialty LED Luminaires and traditional fluorescents,
HPS & metal halide for plant growth. Applications include
indoor growing, vertical farming and greenhouse

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Horticulture Lighting Applications


Sole-source lighting solutions provide indoor cultivators with the precise and flexible lighting solutions necessary to ensure their crops receive the optimal light spectrums required for growth and development. This helps indoor cultivators achieve maximum yields and high-quality crops year-round.


Features a slim form factor that allows natural sunlight to penetrate through while still supplementing the light in greenhouses. It can also be used as the primary light source when natural sunlight is not available, such as after sunset. By controlling the daily light integral (DLI) using our lights, you can have greater control over the plant's growth cycle, allowing you to manipulate the plant's life stages and production cycles. This provides growers with the flexibility to grow crops year-round, regardless of the season, and optimize their yield. 


LED is ideal for vertical farming, as they are designed to run cool and have a slim profile, allowing farmers to position their crops as closer to the light source. Allows cultivators to stack their rack layers more closely while providing consistent and customizable PPFD levels across the entire plant canopy. As a result, harvest yields have become denser, more delectable, and plentiful.


Commercial food cultivators seeking a competitive advantage in yield consistency and quality to meet the demands of consumers with increasingly refined palates. Unlike older lighting systems that consume excessive energy, LED horticultural lights provide high levels of precise photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) that are ideal for commercial food crops. This enables cultivators to produce higher, more consistent yields of delicious, nutritionally dense vegetables, fruits, and herbs 365 days a year while reducing energy, water, and other operational costs.

Whether used in a sole-source vertical farm system or as a supplemental greenhouse lighting solution, these lights offer powerful and efficient lighting options that enable food cultivators to achieve the margins they need to grow smarter. These fixtures are energy-efficient and provide a specialized light that increases yields, improves quality, and reduces operating costs.

By providing precise light spectrum and intensity, enable food crops to be grown with the best possible yield, flavour, and nutritional density 365 days a year. This allows food cultivators to grow anywhere, reducing transportation costs and ensuring fresher produce that can be harvested and brought to market in minutes instead of days. Overall, we are equipping food cultivators with the tools they need to achieve higher, premium quality harvests year-round.


Our full-spectrum LED light solutions cater specifically to commercial cannabis cultivators who seek to stand out in an increasingly competitive and diverse market. As regulatory barriers continue to fall and consumer options expand, the ability to consistently yield abundant harvests of premium-quality flower while saving on energy and HVAC costs will determine which growers flourish with higher margins.

Fluence's light fixtures are designed to meet the needs of commercial cannabis cultivators, providing the right LED grow light for each stage of growth, from propagation to flowering. By optimizing growth and ensuring plants remain healthy and fruitful, cultivators can expect increased yields, improved quality, and higher productivity.

The ability to control and harness light enables cultivators to enhance their plants' cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles, resulting in the best possible yield, flavour, and potency. Furthermore, our latest innovations in energy efficiency allow for dramatic cost savings in operating expenses, including HVAC and water consumption, as our full-spectrum lights run cooler than High Pressure Sodium lighting.

With optimal light year-round, cultivators can expect a more predictable revenue stream, while higher quality product commands a higher margin.


Hobbyist grower is someone who grows plants as a hobby or for personal use, rather than for commercial purposes. In the context of indoor growing, a hobbyist grower may set up a small grow tent or grow room in their home or garage to grow plants such as cannabis, herbs, or vegetables.

Hobbyist growers often use smaller-scale equipment and techniques compared to commercial growers, as their focus is on producing a modest yield for personal consumption rather than maximizing profits. They may also prioritize factors such as ease of use, affordability, and aesthetics when choosing equipment and setting up their grow space.

Some hobbyist growers enjoy the challenge of experimenting with different growing techniques and varieties of plants, while others may be motivated by the desire to produce their own high-quality, organic produce or medicinal herbs.

Products Include:

  • LED Horticulture Fixtures 
  • LED Grow battens 
  • LED PAR38 lamps 
  • High Pressure Sodium lamps 
  • Metal Halide Lamps 
  • Gro-Lux Fluorescent

Horticulture Lighting Products

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