The Best Way to Manipulate Light Using Manfrotto Lighting Stands

The Best Way to Manipulate Light Using Manfrotto Lighting Stands

What is the most important thing you need when it comes to photography or cinematography? Your first thought may have been a camera, right? It's a pretty obvious assumption. While a camera is obviously important during any type of shoot, lighting may be something you need to pay a little more attention to.

Inadequate lighting can have a highly negative impact on the scene you're trying to create. Lighting has the ability to completely change the tone, mood and atmosphere of an image or a movie scene. Therefore it is necessary to control and manipulate light correctly in order to get the best texture, vibrancy of colour and luminosity on your subjects.

The best option to control lighting during shoots is often additional lighting with the use of lighting stands, brackets or arms.

Lighting stands in photography and cinematography

Lighting stands help photographers and cinematographers add much-needed light to their sets or scenes. Cameras don't pick light up the same way that the human eye does, this is why additional lighting becomes essential to add depth and texture.

Lighting stands make adding additional light an easy and convenient task - especially when the products are reliable and high quality.

Thanks to unrivalled experience in this field, Manfrotto combines revolutionary concepts and innovative design with advanced production technology, offering quality lighting products and led lights that are unmatched in terms of performance and value.

Our Manfrotto products offer a complete range of lighting stands with a variety of specifications according to the photographer's application and the type of load they are required to support. Lighting booms and boom stands are the ideal unobtrusive way to position lighting for photography and reflector equipment directly above the subject.

Manfrotto lighting stands are made of aluminium or steel and are manufactured either through electro welding or extrusion, according to the highest quality standards. Manfrotto stands are safe and robust and are the perfect tool for today's demanding photographer and cinematographers who are working with studio equipment or out on location.

Some examples of features aimed at ensuring dependability and safety are:

  • air-cushioned locking mechanisms

  • captive lock-off knobs

  • rustproof dichromatic treated sockets

  • high-efficiency wheel brake shoes

  • rock-solid stand locking collars

  • first-class quality components in steel

  • stainless steel and die-cast aluminium

The difficulty of manipulating light

There are certain angles of lighting that are nearly impossible to get right, this is why Manfrotto introduced some innovative lighting stands that are made for this exact purpose.

Manfrotto offers an extensive range of lighting clamps and mounting hardware to position lights and accessories, providing light control practically anywhere.

The Friction arms family

This range is also very well-known for its reliability and versatility. The entire range of clamps, arms and adaptors ensure there is always the right solution to any kind of problem, no matter what size the object or the surface may be.

The Manfrotto Magic Arm

Manfrotto also offers the super handy Manfrotto Magic Arm which provides extreme versatility with multiple applications to get the job done - adding value to any shoot and allowing you to take great pictures without any hassle! You can create amazing images that you previously wouldn't have been able to achieve. This is the perfect arm for small light heads or even cameras. Standout features include its fantastic versatility. This Magic Arm has a high-quality camera bracket, and slots in perfectly with a super clamp. This makes it a nifty piece to add to any kit for any shoot!

As a photographer, director or studio planner - we aim to provide you with a variety of solutions which should make your job a little easier.

Other uses for regular lighting stands

We want to end off with a little pro tip: you can use your Manfrotto light stands as more than just a light stand - they can transform into a camera tripod too.

If you need a little versatility in your shoots, light stands offer height and are lighter than most tripods. We stock some impressive mounting heads that will do the job perfectly! Who knew light stands could be so versatile?

For additional information on the Manfrotto products we stock or to find out how to use your current products to the best of their ability, contact us.