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Welcome to our exclusive selection of Major Operating Lights by RIMSA Lighting, a renowned name in the world of medical illumination.

Designed with precision and tailored to meet the stringent demands of modern operating theatres, our RIMSA Major Operating Lights offer unparalleled performance, exceptional illumination, and ergonomic functionality. As a trusted lighting distributor, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals with innovative lighting solutions that enhance surgical outcomes, improve patient safety, and streamline workflow.

With the surgical lamps of the UNICA series, RIMSA has achieved the complete elimination of the glare effect. The reflection passes through a screen with a roughness index such as to stratify and collide the light beam.
Equipped with Rimsa’s patented new 2R Double Reflection, the Unica maximizes the light-emitting surface, resulting in high-performance, shadow-free, deep light up to 160,000 lux - completely glare-free.

Surgical lamp UNICA 

The Unica is a lamp intended for use for major surgery with unparalleled performance. Its main features are:

– The availability of 7 different colour temperatures
– Light always in focus
– The ability to adjust the light intensity through a sterilisable handpiece
– Ambient Endoled light: a soft light illuminates the working area
– 2R double reflection system: thanks to the 2R Double Reflection technology, in fact, it is possible to obtain a complete suppression of shadows, the maximization of the light emitting surface and a glare-free light.
– Light intensity at 1 mt distance: 160.000 lux




Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)160.000 lux160.000 lux
Light head diameter86 cm52 cm
Color temperature (7 selections)3.800 to 5.000K3.800 to 5.000K
Color rendering index (CRI)97 Ra96 Ra
Diameter adjustmentElectronicElectronic

The scialytic U29 lamp has been designed to offer a comfortable light without any dazzling effect for the surgeon or assistants. The indirect light, a fundamental characteristic of the U29 surgical lamp, guarantees the surgeon a cold, deep and dazzling light.

U29 combines the successful indirect technology of the Pentaled series with Unica’s sleek and compact design. It is a high-performance, highly engineered and comfortably accessible lamp; therefore, any surgeon can benefit from it.  Its peculiarities are:

 Easy maneuverability, thanks to the shape of its comfortable dome, compact and ergonomic
– 2 colour temperature selections
– Light intensity adjustment (up to 160,000 lux)
– Regulation of the operating field
– Endoled function: a special light that facilitates endoscopic operations


U 29

Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)160.000 lux
Light head diameter52 cm
Color temperature (2 selections)4.500 - 5.000K
Color rendering index (CRI)96 Ra
Diameter adjustmentElectronic

Pentaled 30 E is a scialytic led lamp for small surgery. It is particularly suitable in operating rooms where the lamp must be small in size in order not to interfere with other equipment hanging from the ceiling. It is ideal for maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic surgery.

It consists of 30 elliptical reflectors. The optics of the lamp have been designed to ensure a lighting always on focus, without the need to focus every time the dome is moved. The light is focused to be able to operate at different distances. Its main characteristics are:

– Ability to select two different colour temperatures
– Endoled function: support light for endoscopy operations with light intensity selection
– Electronic diameter adjustment, thanks to the E-view system, in relation to the type of light that the surgical specialty requires


30 E

Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)160.000 lux
Light head diameter40 cm
Color temperature (2 selections)4.500 - 5.000K
Color rendering index (CRI)96 Ra
Diameter adjustmentElectronic

The surgical lamps of the Pentaled series marked a turning point in medical lighting, since they were the first LED scialytic lamps presented to the public.

The Pentaled 63N operating lamp is composed of 72 elliptical reflectors divided into 8 modules of 9 Leds each and the focusing of the modules takes place mechanically by rotating the handle. Manual focusing within the sterile area ensures precise and immediate control of the light field. The multiplicity of light sources and the reflected light system make it possible to achieve the scialytic effect, for a three-dimensional illumination without shadows. Its peculiarities are:

– Ability to select two different color temperatures (4,500 Thus. K – 5,000 Thus. K)
– Light intensity adjustment up to 160 Klx
– Endoled function with color selection (support light for endoscopy operations)


63 N

30 N

Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)160.000 lux160.000 lux
Light head diameter63 cm40 cm
Color temperature (2 selections)4.500 - 5.000K4.500 - 5.000K
Color rendering index (CRI)96 Ra96 Ra
Diameter adjustmentManualManual

Its aerodynamic design and extremely handy structure is permeated by the strong determination of Rimsa heart, a synonym of high technology, quality and performance ever since.

Characterised by 36 lensed LED’s the Quattroluci is a more affordable option for surgical lighting.


1 – Simple

2 – Functional

3 – Indispensable

4 – Engaging



Light intensity at 1 m distance (Ec)160.000 lux
Light head diameter60 cm
Color temperature 4.900K
Color rendering index (CRI)94 Ra

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