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Welcome to our exclusive selection of Medical & Dental Lights by RIMSA Lighting, a distinguished leader in medical illumination solutions.

Our medical & dental lights offer a perfect blend of advanced technology, innovation, ergonomic design, and compact, lightweight, and user-friendly features. With RIMSA Lighting's medical & dental lights, healthcare professionals can experience enhanced visibility, accurate color rendering, and optimal light intensity, ensuring precise and efficient patient care.


The operating team require sufficient bright light in order to be able to see exactly what is happening in the area being operated on. They must be able to judge what exactly is to be seen quickly and safely. Modern operating lights and high-precision operating lamps are of great assistance here. The lamps must guarantee the highest possible precision in terms of filament position; they must be superbly manufactured and accordingly safe and they must provide good colour reproduction. This allows the recognition of the finest colour nuances in the tissue. The colours red and yellow predominate in wound areas, which makes natural, high-contrast reproduction all the more important. One further relevant criterion is low heat emission. Heat can dry up tissue and makes working conditions worse for those performing the operations.

The list includes:

  • Microscope
  • Mercury burners
  • Operating Theatre
  • Surgical
  • Ophthalmic instruments
  • Light Sources (fibreoptics/cold light/Xenon) 
  • Diagnostic Lamps
  • Welch Allyn & Heine types
  • Blood analysers
  • Laboratory types
  • Phototherapy
  • Jaundice


Dental lights with special lamps are required while seeking evidence or making a diagnosis and treatment at dental practices. During the intraoral examination, the examination of the patient‘s teeth, gums and other mucous membranes in the oral cavity, sufficient glare-free brightness is an important prerequisite. Another quality criterion for light is also colour reproduction. But orthodontics, implantology, oral, jaw and maxillofacial surgery require perfect light. For this reason, lamps made for these purposes must fulfil the highest standards of precision. The surgeon can only make a correct diagnosis and a good therapeutic intervention if the treatment area is illuminated perfectly. Reliable lamps are also the basis of safe and skilfully-crated work in dental laboratories. Bright, glare-free light is a necessity when models are being created. Colour-neutral light is important for manufacturing dental prostheses that match the colour of the existing teeth.

The list includes:

  • Composite curing
  • White Lights
  • Examination Lights
  • FO handpiece lamps

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