Horticulture: Let there be (grow) light

Horticulture: Let there be (grow) light

Now while your more experienced farmer might raise a brow to those questioning the importance of grow lights, for a beginner, grow lights come with a lot of question marks. This blog aims to answers some of those question marks and prove why grow lights are taking over the farming industry!

Artificial lighting

For many farmers, outdoor gardening is more than a mere luxury, in reality, it's a pipe dream. Not only is outdoor growing more expensive but produce is left vulnerable to the elements. Like droughts, a lack of sunlight and other extreme weather patterns.

In order to be successful in the craft of farming, one must be able to replicate the wonders of nature. You will need to nourish, comfort, hydrate and light your plants in a way that allows them to thrive and grow to their full potential. What if we told you that you could help light and carry out the process of photosynthesis at the click of a button?

Although natural lighting has allowed for the growth of numerous plants since the dawn of time, this form of farming is proving a little outdated. With the advances in technology and science, the advent of artificial lighting would change the way people went about growing produce.

At The Lamphouse, we have gone and broken down the science behind how plants utilise light and developed industry-specific lighting that is specifically designed to create the exact same output of light as the sun would. Advanced indoor growers have since taken advantage of this product range.

The advanced optics of our grow lights

The engineering of our grow lights separate it from its competitors as our high-quality LEDs and product range use advanced optics. This ensures that no amount of light is misdirected or incorrectly scattered throughout the space. Our lighting is intentional, effective and industry-defying, with light, energy and yield being at the core of our designs. 

Our entire horticulture range is constructed to suit both small and large indoor cultivation spaces. It is particularly optimised in facilities that make use of vertical farming. This is due to the nature of our systems that deliver hours of high-quality lighting. Our systems also boast minimal maintenance, user-friendly, modular design.

Benefits of our grow lights

1. Higher quality. The produce in your growing environment will not only increase exponentially but will produce quality goods. From their size to taste and overall quality. Healthier and stronger plants will ultimately be grown.

2. Year-round growth. Seasonal growth is now a thing of the past. Our systems allow you to control your surrounding environment; emulating the various seasons. This will also ensure that your crops are not exposed to the temperamental nature of our local weather patterns.

3. Increased productivity. More is always better and with our Horticulture grow lights, this is a guarantee! Optimising the light in your growing space will help increase the speed at which your produce grows. Statistically, our systems have seen an average of a 25% productivity increase.

4. More efficient. Did you know that LEDs use up to 50% - 70% less electricity when compared to more traditional light bulbs? Using the horticulture system range, that utilises LEDs, will help reduce your company's overheads.

5. Allows you to be spatially conscious. Indoor farming requires less physical space than outdoor growing. Moving to indoor growing will see up to a 75% reduction in land use. This is particularly relevant as we look to more sustainable, eco-friendly uses of land.

6. A decrease in water use. Switching to indoor growing boasts approximately 95% decrease in water use. Water can, therefore, be recycled and reused with minimal water wastage. This is not only an eco-friendlier option but will reduce your overall water costs. 

7. Zero pesticides. All harmful chemicals can now be avoided when opting for indoor farming. This will result in bigger, healthier yearly yields that remain unharmful for consumers and growers alike.

Make 2020 the year of successful indoor farming by clicking here and booking a consultation with our team that will happily walk you throughout Horticulture systems and the world of indoor growing.