LED Lighting Revolutionises Healthcare Facilities

LED Lighting Revolutionises Healthcare Facilities

It is a known fact that healthcare facilities, namely hospitals, utilise significant amounts of energy. This is aimed at ensuring the safety of staff, patients and visitors. When balancing the need to obtain standardised safety practices whilst bringing down exorbitant operational costs, healthcare facilities find themselves at a crossroads. This challenge begs the question: what is an affordable and energy-efficient solution? Particularly for an industry that is founded on 24-hour operations.

Unpacking hospital needs

Hospitals require around the clock clear and bright lighting. This contributes to the accuracy of these spaces and the comfort of those that visit. As hospitals embrace more conscious choices, the use of LEDs proves to be a no-brainer for this sector. This budget-friendly, ecological option adheres to the needs of this facility beyond just mere illumination as it offers several benefits.

This lighting upgrade has quickly become the norm with organisations within the healthcare field bowing to the performance of our complex LED systems. They have consistently contributed to the positive levels of care experienced in these spaces and the creation of dynamic work environments for employees.

Benefits of LEDs in hospitals

LEDs work with your body's circadian rhythm

Did you know that the body follows a natural rhythm? That's called your circadian rhythm. It helps your body release hormones needed for both sleep and activity based on the colour of light. In the morning, light often takes on a cooler tone, cueing the body to become alert and secrete serotonin. In the late afternoon, however, a warmer tone becomes more pronounced, causing the body's natural rhythm to secrete melatonin, that will cause drowsiness.

Conversely, hospital LED lighting is aimed at providing the same rhythmic cues for patients. This will help the natural bodily rhythmic process to continue even when patients are to remain indoors for extended periods of time.

Improved staff accuracy

An integral part of hospital procedures is the visual evaluation of patients. Many conditions in healthcare facilities, like clinics, used visual inspections as a means of diagnosis. For example, signs of jaundice are seen with yellow-toned skin. It is for this reason that effective high colour rendering LED lighting in these spaces is crucial. 

Decreased operating budgets

It is no secret that maintenance and operational costs of a healthcare facility are excessively high. The ever-tightening budgets continue to strain this sector as a result. Our LED lighting systems are the ideal opportunity to not only improve the performance of the facility but substantially decrease overhead costs. In numerous cases, energy expenditures went down by as much as 80% after switching to LED lighting.

Zero health risks

Fluorescent lighting contains mercury. This is not only incredibly harmful to the environment but for humans. Many incandescent bulbs also emit a low dose of UV radiation that is damaging facility machinery and human skin and eyes.

LED bulbs contain no mercury, colour fluctuation or flickering that may lead to health risks including strained eyes and migraines.


Many of our LED systems have controls that allow for their lighting intensity to be dimmed. This is ideal for all hospital settings where lighting can be controlled accordingly. This is useful in CT and MRI scanning rooms, operation spaces and patients rooms.

Lifespan and temperature

LED lighting is designed to last, on average, five times longer than incandescent bulbs. In large emergency spaces, time is of the essence. The lighting system employed in these areas should match this sense of urgency. Every minute that the lights are out, money and lives are put on the line.

LED lighting also emits minimal heat emission. This is particularly necessary for ensuring the comfort of the nurses and surgeons. Excessive heat exposure will also dry the patient's exposed tissue.

With numerous studies highlighting the significant contribution that LED lighting has made to medical facilities, it's easy to see why this lighting system is the number one most requested bulb. Improve the overall efficiency of your medical centre by clicking here and getting in contact with our team of experts and switching to LED!