LED Lighting Taking Over the Maritime Industry

LED Lighting Taking Over the Maritime Industry

A revolution is taking place in the boating and shipping industry and it is LED lighting that is leading this revolt. LEDs were ultimately destined to take over all Maritime lighting, from navigation to onboard lighting fixtures and everything in between, LEDs are dominating this space. Even the official U.S Navy and well-known private fishing monopolies are bowing to its powers. Let's see why many industry-leading companies are making the switch to this superior lighting application.

What are LEDs and why is everyone jumping aboard the craze?

Waterproof LEDs are all the craze, particularly with boat and ship owners and it's for good reason, they may come in small packages but pack a definitive punch. This lighting fixture is adored for its ability to meet the demands of temperamental watercrafts whilst still meeting the criteria for extensive lighting power.

It is because of their high-tech nature that LEDs have quickly overshadowed their older incandescent counterparts. They have continuously enhanced the onboard experience and offered versatile solutions to several sea-related scenarios.

Benefits of LEDs on ships and boats

LEDs draw less power, meaning overloading the circuitry is less likely. As a result, less pressure is put on both the engine and the battery.

The energy-efficient nature of this lighting system means that your environmental impact is substantially lessened as well as your operational costs.

LEDs are designed to last approximately five times longer than more traditional maritime light bulbs. This means less time, money and effort is spent replacing them.

Given the compact nature of ships, smaller lighting fixtures are needed. LEDs adhere to this requirement as they are ideal for tighter spaces.

LEDs boast low glare or flashback. This is necessary for crew members, particularly operators working long night-shifts that might be susceptible to eye-straining.

Increased visibility is a guarantee with LED lighting as it allows the crew to pinpoint hazards at a much greater level.

LED lighting fixtures come with illumination control allowing crew members to configure multiple angles and beams of light per fixture, offering more flexibility!

Our bulbs are shatterproof. Meaning that they can withstand various conditions due to their temperature resistance

Onboard LED applications


Navigating open waters after sunset requires effective and efficient lighting. Installing LEDs onto the exterior parts of your vessel will better illuminate the waters for your Captain. Adding this fixture to your outdoor deck is also essential in adhering to all Maritime safety precautions.


Interior LED lighting options are endless. Ambient LED lights can be placed in galleries and dining areas. Brighter LEDs can be installed in foyers, hallways and emergency exits. With a dimmable switch, crew members can adjust the lighting in order to match the mood and intention of the space.


Underwater lighting is crucial. Not only must this lighting application be able to withstand the velocity of open water but boast a high-water resistance. LED lighting excels in both requirements, whilst bragging a brighter more efficient illumination than ever before. Underwater lighting will also act to increase your visibility!

*Fun fact: Certain LED underwater lights are used to attract certain types of fish.

Where we come in

In addition to our vast range of LEDs, we provide our clients with custom Maritime solutions. Our established reputation in the industry has allowed us to manufacture lighting equipment that meets your exact needs. Our commitment to creating ground-breaking solutions is seen in our status as one of the go-to oceanic lighting partners.

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