Aquarium & Reptile

Aquarium & Reptile

GROLUX Applications: 

Complete or additional artificial lighting of plants. Recommended for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens, flower shows and conservatories

DAYLIGHTSTAR Applications:

For use in fresh water aquariums

AQUASTAR Applications:

For all biological organisms in fresh and marine water aquariums

CORALSTAR Applications:

Lighting to promote growth of coral and invertebrates in marine water aquariums

REPTISTAR Applications:

Promotes vitamin D3 production for good health, growth and general well-being of reptiles in terrariums through a high content of UV-B (up to 5%). Full spectrum (6700K) fluorescent lamps which improve the natural appearance of reptiles in terrariums. Show reptiles in their true colours.

For artificial lighting of reptiles in terrariums

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