XBO lamp has delighted audiences worldwide and transformed the visit in the cinema into an experience to remember. The age of digital cinema has placed huge demands on projection technology, but the XBO cinema lamp stays one step ahead the demands with continuous improvements and upgrades. We draw on decades of tradition through close collaboration with the film industry to continually improve the brightness, efficiency and lifetime of these lamps. This is how we inspire enthusiasm in cinema fans all over the world.

Our XBO cinema lamps are "Made in Germany" and technically-advanced and powerful lamps specifically designed for film projection. The perfect projection lamp retains the same brightness throughout its life.

Moreover, it has to allow for a wide range of the operating current so the quantity of light generated can be optimally adapted to the cinema and screen size. This means that films always have the right degree of brightness without the need for readjustment or time-consuming maintenance. Consistent research and development ensures that our XBO lamps meet all of these criteria, making them the first choice for film presenters and companies specializing in film projector design.

Benefits of XBO laps:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Dimmable in a wide range
  • Short arc with highest luminance for brighter screen illumination


  • Barco
  • Christie
  • Sony
  • NEC

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