Photographic & Reprographic

Photographic & Reprographic


Light is the foundation of photography. Only light can put a picture on film or chip and only light can create a print. So, lamps are necessary in all kinds of places here: studio lamps for illumination, flashbulbs, to create depth and sharpness, darkroom lamps, to be able to see something without disrupting the developing process; the lamps in the imagesetters that put the film onto photo paper.

Photo lamps have a considerably higher light yield than normal incandescent light bulbs (up to twice as much as normal household light bulbs) and pre-defined colour temperatures; with type B photo lamps roughly 3100 to 3200 Kelvin, with type A about 3400 Kelvin. Different demands are made on all these lamps in terms of luminosity and light colour. Depending on their use and how much use they undergo, life can vary enormously.

Photofloods – PF207B/PF207E


Ideal for reprography and photochemical processes. Their high radiant efficiency and high arc-stability ensure cost-efficient and reliable usage. They provide the ideal optimal light source for contact copying of images from transparent film to UV sensitive carriers such as film, offset plates, printed circuit boards and microfilms. They are therefore ideal for high-quality, large format printing and plotting applications in the architectural and engineering industries.

HPA lamps

HPM lamps

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