Sports & Stadiums

Sports & Stadiums - High Wattage Metal Halides

Allows compact and very efficient luminaire systems with high precision optics for good beam control and minimal spill light.

Very good colour rendering creates a pleasant ambience with high visual comfort for players and spectators.

Continuous spectral distribution offers a superior solution for (semi-) professional stadiums with regular TV coverage.

  • E40 1000W external ignitor  
  • E40 2000W external ignitor  230V / 400V
  • E40 2000W internal ignitor  230V / 400V
  • Double Ended 1000W 
  • Double Ended 1000W 
  • MHN-LA
  • MHN-SA
  • MHN-SE
  • MNH-TD

Applications:Outdoor + Indoor

  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Cricket 
  • Golf driving ranges
  • Horse racing
  • Motorsport
  • Swimming Pools
  • Basketball
  • Multipurpose Sports and Recreational halls

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