The Fluence SPYDR 2 Series: Lighting the Way for Legacy Cultivation Systems

The Fluence SPYDR 2 Series: Lighting the Way for Legacy Cultivation Systems

The Lamphouse continues to pave the way for innovative lighting solutions. This is our active contribution to creating a more sustainable world. Using our precise engineering, extensive agricultural research, advanced technologies and natural curiosity, we continue to introduce superior growing tools to an ever-growing market. One of which has been the Fluence SPYDR 2 Series.

Meeting the demands of growers across the globe

It became evident to the Fluence team that an advanced spectrum lighting system was needed. This was intended to help facilitate the physiological growth of all plant species. The challenge was in creating a universal commercial solution that would reign in a new era for all cultivators. The SPYDR 2 Series would lead this technological venture. This system aggressively improves engagements between plant life and light and transforms the very nature of agriculture.

What is the SPYDR 2 Series?

The SPYDR 2 Series is a full-cycle top-lighting solution. This system has been designed with commercial horticultural industries in mind. The aim of this solution is to implement high lighting intensities to the benefit of both the grower and their produce. Cultivation yields, therefore, increases tenfold alongside the system's sophisticated CO2 supplementation and high-PPFD practices.

This inherently flexible lighting rack can be used for food, ornamental plants or cannabis. Its applicability makes it favoured by many as its indoor fittings are built to meet single or multi-tier growing requirements. Essentially, individuals looking to optimise their growing space, increase their yearly yield and produce high-quality crops are encouraged to make use of this intricate system.

Quite simply this series is an ode to spectacular photobiological technology, design and exploration. This high performing cultivation system is embedded with industry-leading scientific discoveries to ensure full-scale power.

System specs

The SPYDR 2 Series comes in 3 varied sizes and includes over 10 rack mounting options. This Series is designed to illuminate all vertical grow tables and racks with immediate lighting precision. The addition of two PPD output levels means that growers can make use of the system's dimmer. This lighting solution thrives in high PPFD farming spaces that make use of either single or multi-tier racking. The SPYDR 2 Series averages up to 1,060 µmol/m2/s over a 4x4 (122—122 cm) PPFD's per canopy.

Key features

  • Effortless mounting abilities

With built-in hardware, this system can easily mount onto all tables and racks with no drilling or modifications needed. We often advise our growers to mount this specific Series at a height of 152 x 305 mm above their plant canopy.

  • Integrated push-lock fixtures

This system was intended for efficiency and simple installation practices. The addition of updated Push-Lock connectors, therefore, allows all dimming and power cables to be snapped together. This feature still allows the system to maintain its IP66 wet-location rating!

  • Detachable Power source

The SPYDR 2 Series is admired for its power source that can be separated and mounted either beside the rack or on an adjacent wall. This is intentional to ensure that heat is removed from your farming areas.

Benefits of the SPYDR 2 Series

1. Research-heavy design: Our immediate access to leading research institutions and established scientific partners allows us to extensively design, test and create evidence-based solutions.

2. Uniformed and consistent yields: This system grants all growers full access to their respective growth cycles. This allows greater accuracy in terms of forecasted yields.

3. Energy-efficient: Our grow lights dramatically save growers on several operating costs through our latest LED innovations.

4. More for less: Holistic care is provided through the simple addition of our system that ensures increased growth cycles.

5. Improved crop quality: Not only do we provide illumination but a means to enrich your crops, their flavour profile and ultimate potency.

6. Year-round production: This optimal lighting addition promises to help growers establish an increased revenue stream with a higher production margin.

7. Built-in solutions: This Series is adapted to meet your every requirement and subsequently provide a viable solution. This is established throughout each growing stage.

8. Access to a team of innovators: Our team of System Specialists are readily available to all growers to facilitate the entire process from seed to harvest.

The Fluence team, in partnership with The Lamphouse, continue to support all cultivators in their efforts to improve their competitive advantage. Ensure that your company leans on the expertise of our leading SPYDR 2 Series by tapping here to get in contact with our cultivation experts.