Infrared Lighting

Infrared Lighting

Infra-red light has many valuable uses. Learn more about its various applications.

Applications - Linear

| Outdoor comfort heating, restaurant and cafe terraces and other outdoor seating

| Space heating in factories, sports halls, exhibition halls, work areas, churches, large halls, warehouses and storage areas

| Domestic heating in bathrooms and living rooms

| Blowing of plastic bottles

| Plastics thermoforming

| Paint drying in tunnels and body shops

| Paper drying in paper mills

| Powder coating

| Drying of lacquers and printing inks

| Heat sterilization


Animal Applications


| Breeding and rearing of pigs, calves, foals, dogs, poultry and other animals

| Veterinary clinics, zoos and pet shops


Medical Applications


| Relieving muscular pain, rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia, colds and other ailments

| Helping recovery from injury

| Providing comfort and cosmetic care