Manfrotto Product Offerings

Manfrotto Product Offerings

The Lamphouse will be officially stocking the following products:


Stands consists of several product families which differ in design and materials depending both on the application they are intended for and on the light type they have to support. These supports can be distinguished by the materials they are made of (aluminium or steel) and the two tubing technologies (electrowelding or extrusion).

The existing versions allow for extensions between 21cm and 550cm, with payloads between 1.5kg and 200kg.

Lighting Booms & Boom Stands

Lighting booms and boom stands provide the ideal unobtrusive way to position lighting and reflector equipment directly above the subject.

Autopole System

The ultimate adjustable lighting pole system can be used to create a background support, structure a lighting grid, or for hundreds of other studio and outdoor applications. Its unique single action cantilever locking system exerts the correct amount of pressure to assure a secure fit, wedging the protective rubber ends in place, ceiling to floor.


Sometime a stand simply can't fit on set during a shoot, there are several families of clamps to position the accessories practically anywhere. The original Super Clamp, world famous and widely copied, stands out for its versatility and numerous accessories, but the entire range of clamps ensures there's always a solution to your problem, no matter the size of the object or the surface you're clamping.

Arms & Kits

Used in conjunction with stands or clamps, the range of arms, multi positioning arms and attachments enable accurate positioning of lighting and effects. Wherever you need to position your camera, light accessory, we have an arm to fit the task. Can be combined with clamps, mounting plates and connectors and used in conjunction with virtually any product in the Manfrotto range.


All Manfrotto adapters provide for a high level of customization, thanks to a wide range that can accept any lighting fixture, in order to match any requirement.